Filters detain dust particles from entering critical areas in an enclosed environment where they can cause explosions. Dust particles are particles with a diameter below 500 micrometers. Smaller quantities of detained dust are collected and stored directly below the filters, while larger quantities are collected in silos, specially outfitted building and containers.

The risk of explosions and fires rises, when large concentrations of dust are exposed to an ignition, source such as sparks or fire, in an enclosed environment. An explosion in a closed room, may inflict considerable damage to staff, production facilities and buildings in its proximity.

Safevent offers solutions that reduces the risk of fires and explosions by supplying and mounting spark detection equipment and automatic extinguishing mechanisms that combat sparks before it can evolve into an explosion.

We also offer solutions, that minimises the damaged caused by explosions. By mounting explosion membranes, we are able to divert the explosion’s blast and heat wave away from critical areas to a desirable location in which it can cause minimum damage.

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