About Safevent

Safevent is specialised in prevention, containment and handling of explosions and fires. Our solutions have helped organisations secure its staff, production facilities and building structures against incidents related to explosions and fire for over a century.

How we operate

At Safevent, we understand and respect the uniqueness of each costumer’s work processes and requirements to safety. For this reason, we approach each case differently ensuring the optimum solution on behalf of our customers. The expertise and know-how we have built makes us capable and reliable advisors who is available for our costumers to use when planning safety initiatives or when needing advice regarding ATEX.

Reliability is paramount

Our range of product can be installed and implemented in both planned as well as existing plants. Because our products provide safety for employees, production facilities and structures, quality is paramount. For this reason, we choose our suppliers with great care, ensuring thoroughly tested parts of the highest quality.


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