Fluidized bed dryers

In fluidized bed dryers (also known as fluid bed dryers) heated air is blown vertically through the drying chamber. The air flow through is often pulsating and dust is extracted through the ventilation shaft. This is an area is likely to accumulate large concentrations of dust which pose a risk of exploding if exposed to an ignition source.

At Safevent, we are specialised in the prevention of fires and explosions in plants and machinery - including fluidized bed dryers. We do this by supplying and/or mounting spark detectors in two parts of the fluidized bed dryers. At the ventilation system, where concentration of dust is gathered and where the dried material exits the dryer.

If sparks or fires are detected in material leaving the dryer, the spark detectors will register it and tell a central control unit to initiate the automatic water spray extinguishing mechanisms located within the dryer, which will put out the fire.

We also recommend the mounting of spark detectors in the vent pipes, preventing sparks or other ignition sources from igniting the concentrations of dust particles extracted from the dryer and thereby preventing explosions from occuring.

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