Drum dryers

Drum dryers are often used in the food industry or in granulating processes. Material is run through the entrance to the drum where it is divided into predetermined layers and dried. Afterwards, the dried material exits the drum for further processing. The drum can be equipped with magnets that detain metal fragments in the material. Dust and other remains and residue is removed via an extractor and put through a filter and possibly a silo or a container.

Safevent offers solutions that prevent, contain and handle fires and explosions in drum dryers. We recommend securing your drum dryers, by mounting spark detectors on the extractor and by the material exit. The spark detectors will react to and register infra-red lighting generated by flames or sparks. When this is detected, an automated extinguishing mechanism will initiate, preventing fires and explosions for occurring in ventilation or in the drum dryer. Simultaneously, circuit breakers can be installed to make sure that production is halted whenever an ignition source is detected to prevent a possible fire from spreading.

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