Drying processes

Drying is the separation of liquids from materials through evaporation of the liquid and the removal of its vapours.

Different plants and machinery can be used in drying processes, but in most instances, the drying is done by blowing air through the material. The air can be heated up and the drier can be provided with a recycling unit. Before the air is conducted it can be run through an air filter. Drying processes often develops large concentrations of dust that pose a risk of setting an explosion in motion if exposed to an ignition source such as a spark or a flame.

To prevent explosion from occurring, driers that develops concentrations of dust should be equipped with spark detectors, automatic extinguishing mechanics and, under certain circumstances, explosion membranes.

The drying of grain does not entail the development of dust. However, if a grain gets stuck or jammed in the drier can ignite due to the heat and start a fire. For this reason, we equip grain driers with detectors that registers any spark or flame after which it starts automatic fire extinguishing mechanics, stops the production process and sounds an alarm.

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