Terms and conditions of sale, delivery and payment for Safevent

1. Validity
All offers, quotations, sales and deliveries are subject to these terms and conditions of sale, delivery and payment unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2. Offers/quotations
If SAFE-VENT makes an offer or quotation which does not stipulate any specific time for acceptance, the offer or quotation shall not apply unless the Buyer accepts within four weeks from the date of the offer or quotation.

3. Price
All prices are in Danish kroner (DKK) and exclusive of value-added tax.

4. Settlement terms
Terms of payment are eight days net as from the date of invoice, excl. of VAT, unless otherwise agreed. If payment is effected after the due date and such delay is not caused by Safevent, Safevent is entitled to charge 2 % monthly interest on accounts outstanding from time to time as from the due date.
The Buyer is not entitled to setoff any counterclaims against Safevent which have not been accepted by Safevent in writing nor shall the Buyer be entitled to keep back any part of the purchase amount due to counterclaims of any description.

5. Retention of title
Subject to the limitations of mandatory legal rules Safevent retains title to the goods sold until the entire purchase amount plus any additional costs have been paid to Safevent.

6. Delivery
Unless otherwise agreed in writing the times of delivery are ex works subject to any delays. The order is considered has having been effected from the time of handing over the goods. Dispatch shall be at the consignee's own risk. The Buyer shall take out any freight insurance.
The time of delivery has been fixed by Safevent at our best discretion and if it cannot be observed, the Buyer shall be notified accordingly and notice of the expected time of delivery shall be given.
Delays, if any, do not entitle the Buyer to cancel the purchase.

7. Packaging
Packaging is for the Buyer's account unless it expressly appears that it is included in the price.
Packaging may not be returned.

8. Product information
Any illustrations, technical drawings and brochures handed out by Safevent prior to or after the formation of the agreement shall remain property of Safevent and be returned to Safevent, if required. The said material may not be passed on with out written acceptance and it may not be misused.

9. Defects and complaints
According to the Danish Sale of Goods Act the Buyer shall check the goods supplied immediately upon delivery. For a period of 12 consecutive months from the time of delivery Safevent undertakes to redeliver in the case of defects due to faulty materials or workmanship.
At Safevent’s discretion defects in the goods supplied shall be remedied or the defective goods replaced.
Any changes to or interference with the goods supplied without Safevent's written consent shall exempt Safevent from any obligations.
If the Buyer wants to complain of any defects, a written complaint shall be made without undue delay within a fortnight from delivery.
Once Safevent receives a complaint of a defect which is deemed to be covered by this clause, Safevent shall without delay remedy the defect. The right to remedy offered by Safevent shall also apply to that part of a supply which has been replaced or repaired and on the same terms and conditions as for the original supply. Safevent's duty to remedy does not apply to any part of the supply beyond 18 months from delivery to the Buyer. Once the risk for the consignment has passed to the Buyer, Safevent shall not have any liability for defects beyond the obligations specified in this clause. Safevent expressly disclaims liability for any indirect loss, such as operating loss, loss of time, loss of profit etc. suffered by the Buyer due to the defect.

10. Product liability
Safevent is only liable for personal injury if it be proved that the injury is caused by defects or omissions on the part of Safevent.
On the same terms and conditions applicable to personal injury, Safevent shall be liable for damage to real and personal property, however, max. DKK 10,000,000.00 (ten million Danish kroner).
To the extent Safevent incurs product liability relative to a third party, the orderer shall indemnify Safevent to the same extent as Safevent's liability is limited under Clause 10.
Safevent is not liable for any loss of operations, profit, time or earnings or any other indirect or consequential loss.

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