Rubber industry

In the rubber industry, material is often melted, mixed, transported, moulded or rolled and vulcanised. Rubber products contain flammable substances such as, lampblack, oil and sulphur and its processing can build up explosive concentrations of dust. The processes involved in rubber manufacturing pose a risk of the development of fires or explosions in ventilation, filters and bending machines.

In order to minimise the risk of fire and explosion-related incidents, existing and new organisations in the rubber industry are required to undertake initiatives aimed at increasing the security of employees, production facilities as well as structures. The minimum of these initiatives is described in the European Union’s ATEX directive.

Safevent offers

We offer solutions designed to prevent, contain and handle fires and explosion, protecting your employees, production facilities and structures and complying with legal requirements and directives.

In the rubber industry, our products are primarily installed on plants and machinery such as:
•    Filters
•    CNC-machines
•    Mixers
•    Ventilation
•    Vulcanisation machines


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