District heating plants

In district heating plants, there are processes that pose a risk of developing a fire or causing an explosion. Fire from the combustion chamber can travel backwards through the feeding system and set stored material ablaze. Likewise, dry material such as straws and wood chips pose a fire hazard as sources of ignition can occur in typical installations and machinery. Spontaneous combustion can not be excluded either.

In order to minimise the risk of fire and explosion-related incidents, existing and new organisations in the power industry are required to undertake initiatives aimed at increasing the security of employees, production facilities as well as structures. The minimum of these initiatives is described in the European Union’s ATEX directive.

Safevent offers

We offer solutions designed to prevent, contain and handle fires and explosion, protecting your employees, production facilities and structures and complying with legal requirements and directives.

We prevent fires from traveling backwards from the combustion chamber by supplying or installing spark detectors and a water mist system in and above the feeder. The spark detectors and water mist system are linked, which means that if the spark detectors register an ignition source it automatically initiates the water mist system.

We supply or install aspirating smoke detectors for the earliest possible detection of fires in storage facilities. Our aspirating smoke detectors is constantly drawing air-samples from the multiple locations in the storage facility. These air-samples are transported through pipes to be analysed by smoke detectors from one central location that can be placed conveniently for easy maintenance. The aspirating smoke detection system is customisable which allows it to react to different levels of smoke in the air.

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