Knowing every detail of your generated dust's explosive characteristics is a key factor in deciding which explosion protection equipment that will best safekeep your machinery, employees and plants.
Lots of data regarding the explosive properties of different materials are already freely available. However, this data is only indicative, as there is a huge difference between dust originating from the same type of material because of its size and how the the grains are put together.
Relying solely on the freely available data could cause you to either pay too much for a explosion protection solution or - in an even worse scenario – end up with inadequate equipment.
For these reasons we are offering tests that determine whether your dust is explosive and – if the dust is explosive – how the explosion will behave.
The most important values to test and determine are:
Kst - the speed of the explosion’s development
Pmax - the maximum amount of pressure that the material is able to produce.
Basic testing


  • Kst testing
  • Pmax testing
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Other tests regarding ignition of the material can be conducted at your request. These include:
- Flammability classification
- Train Firing
- Thermal Decomposition Screen
- Isothermal basket test (50/100/150mm)
- UN 4.2 Classification
- Minimum Ignition Temperature (MIT)
- 5mm Layer Ignition Temperature (LIT)
- Minimum Ignition Energy (MIE)
- Explosion Indices Screen (Kst, Pmax)
- Explosion Indices Series (Kst, Pmax)
- Minimum Explosible Concentration (MEC)
- Limiting Oxygen Concentration (LOC)
- Powder Resistivity
- Flashpoints
- Sustained combustibility
- Flammability limits in air
- Flammability diagrams in air
You send a sample of the materiale you want tested
We are having the sample analysed
You receive the test results
You may expect this process to take between 2-5 weeks depending on which tests you want carried out.
Typical sample size: 1-3 kg

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